Thanks to the support, we have introduced new products, novel technologies and innovative technical solutions in our company..

The investment has enabled us to offer you solutions for e-commerce. The range includes cardboard boxes with ‘hotmelt’ (‘everlasting glue’) and quick-opening systems with a tear tape. Here we have the possibility of introducing several paths, e.g. ‘hotmelt/ tear tape/hotmelt’ or, for example, ‘3 x hotmelt’ for different path widths. This provides the possibility of making the packaging quick to prepare for dispatch, pleasant and easy to open for the customer with the option of returning the packaging as a refund or even with an additional seal for service..

Furthermore, the packaging can be coated on the inside or outside with a transparent coating. The coating reduces water absorption and limits bacterial growth. A state-of-the-art palletising system of our own design was introduced at the plant, as well as solutions for autonomous AGV transport trucks of our own design. The self-propelled 'robots' (AGVs) are one of the first solutions in Europe for our industry, taking into account so many variables in the dimensions of the pallet stacks. The project has been developed on the basis of our own guidelines and technical assumptions.


SERWACH sp. z o.o. sp. k. company implemented the following project: Implementation of the results of research and introduction of a new product to the market: envelopes/packaging with increased durability, triple strip, dedicated to the e-commerce market, based on a zero-emission automated system for collecting and packaging the product..

In 2007, thanks to support from the European Union, we implemented an ISO 9001 Quality Management System, and have been following, improving, and developing it since then.

We purchased a gluer within the framework of the project: “Implementation of an innovative technology of multipoint gluing of cardboard packaging at Serwach SJ in Goleniów to expand the offer”. (no.: WNDRPZP.01.01.03-32-030/12).

As part of the project “Increase of the competitiveness of the SERWACH S.J. company through the purchase of an innovative flat cutting machine and an innovative plotter for prototype cutting” (UDA-RPZP.01.02-32-082/09-00), we purchased a first Bobst Visioncut cutter and a plotter for cutting patterns.

As part of the project “Development services for entrepreneurs and employees of enterprises available within the Development Services Database” (RPZP.06.01.00-32-K004/16_UW/S/67/UR/2017/AS) we carried out a series of trainings for our personnel.



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