Our packaging is characterised by aesthetics, functionality and, above all, durability. This is the result of using high-class cardboard in their production. For the purpose of ensuring the highest standards in this field area, we cooperate with leading suppliers from Poland and Europe.

We use state-of-the-art machinery to produce our packaging, including Bobsty Visioncut, Eterna, Alpes, enabling us to produce unprinted, printed and laminated packaging with a high degree of accuracy. The largest flat patterns we are able to implement are of 1600x1100 mm

Thanks to modern gluing machines, we have expanded our range to include 4-point and 3-point glued cartons, with cuts of more than 1700mm - max 2000mm wide. We have also introduced improved 3-point cardboards - eliminating curved folding and with lowered edges. This has been made possible through the use of highly effective elastomeric belts that allow precise guidance of the product in the machine and through the alignment system.

We have three printing/cutting/gluing lines. One is the ISOWA (2.8m) with two printers and a rotary cutter. The second is the Curionii 2000NT line (2 colours, rotary cutter). The third is the latest Curionii PLUS with a width of 3300mm also with printing and rotation.

The printing technology is complemented by two 5-colour machines with a ‘Vacum’ sheet transfer system, featuring dryers and a rotary cutter, which also enables printing on coated papers..

A further enhancement is offset printing in B0 format (optional maximum 1600 x 1200 mm) in up to 5 colours, which is used for lamination on an automatic line, and in the B1 format - also 5 colours.

A novelty is packaging with closing systems dedicated min for the e-commerce industry. We have also introduced and are developing barrier-coated packaging.


plotters in the showroom

die presses

rotation with one colour, working width of 3000 mm

box divider machines

slot cutters


automatic paint mixer



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