Our packaging is well-designed, functional and, above all, durable. This is because we use high quality raw materials, supplied by leading Polish and European suppliers.

Our packaging products are manufactured using advanced machinery such as Bobst Visioncut, which delivers unmatched print-to-cut accuracy of laminated packaging. The print is neatly arranged against the sheet edges and the other reference points, and the sheet is never shifted. Bobst Visioncut allows for die cutting large-size solid products. Currently, we have three Bobst cutting machines.

With our modern gluers we can manufacture three- and four-point glued cardboard, with width exceeding 1700mm (max. 2000mm). We have also introduced improved three-point cartons, which eliminated curves and lower edges. The highly effective elastomer belts ensure accurate feeding of the product into the machine and precise alignment.

We also have the other gluer lines. We have two printer/cutter/gluer lines. The first one is ISOWA (2.8m) with four printers and a rotary die cutter. The second one is the Curioni 2000 NT line (three-colour rotary die cutter).

The last printer we use is a 5-colour machine with vacuum system for sheet transfer, dryers and a rotary die cutter, which is able to print coated paper.

Offset printing facility is a separate unit located in the same premises (the printing house is our subsidiary). Our 4- and 5-colour printers can print on sheets up to B0 in size.

We have two laminating machines: one automatic line (1600x1600) and one semi-automatic Stock labelling machine (point laminating on sheets up to 2600mm in length).


plotters in the showroom

die presses

rotation with one colour, working width of 3000 mm

box divider machines

slot cutters


automatic paint mixer



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