The packaging we manufacture is characterised by good looks, functionality, and, most of all, durability. These qualities are the result of using high-quality cardboard as the input material. To guarantee the highest standards of the above we cooperate with leading suppliers from Poland and Europe.

The production of our packaging takes advantage of state-of-the-art machinery, such as Bobst Visioncut, which enable highly accurate manufacture of packaging without print, with print, and laminated packaging. We are able to manufacture flat cuts with a size up to 1600mm x 1100mm.

With state-of-the-art gluers we were able to include new products in our offer: 4-point glued cartons and 3-point glued cartons with flat widths of more than 1700mm and up to 2000mm. We have also introduced improved 3-point cartons with no uneven folding and with lowered edges. We accomplished this by using highly efficient elastomer belts for precise guidance of the product inside the machine, coupled with an alignment system. We also take advantage of other gluing lines. In the near future we will launch a linear gluing machine with a 3400 mm working width.

At our disposal there are two printing, cutting and gluing lines: ISOWA (2.8m) with four printers and a rotary cutter, and a 2000NT Curioni line (3 colours, rotary cutter).

Our printing technology is complemented by a 5-colour machine with a vacuum board transfer system, dryers and a rotary cutter, also for printing on coated paper.

This is further complemented by the ability to provide offset printing in B0 formats (optional, up to 1600x1200 mm) with up to 6 colours, used for laminating within an automatic line.



flexographic multicolour printers

inline printers with working widths of 2000, 2800, and 3400 mm

rotary cutting machines

automatic flat cutting machines

die cutters


linear and multi-point gluing machines

tape gluer


paint mixing shop


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